VAMOS Youth Councils


Youth Council is a youth empowerment program where youth identify, document and analyze problems in their community that they would like to address through community development projects.

“I met different people and we are actually all good friends now. We still communicate and get along very well and I never thought I would talk to them. It was an awesome experience being able to understand new things. I would do it all over again and this program actually encouraged me to go to college.” - Chris, 16 years old

What makes Youth Speak Collective special is that it does not create programs for youth; it gives youth the opportunity to create programs for themselves. Youth meet once a week for 2 hours afterschool and engage in different empowering activities. Youth act as planners and stakeholders in all programs, and in the process they acquire new competencies and find a positive sense of self-worth, purpose, and identity.

Every year, Youth Councils develop real community service project proposals that are presented to Youth Speak Collective in a mock grant process.  Service Grants of up to $500 are available for students to make a difference in their communities.  

For more information about Youth Councils, or how to bring one to your school community, contact Arturo Garcia-Mendoza at 818-890-2928 or