Womyn's Circle


Womyn's Circle is a program that provides a support group and safe space for young womyn to learn about  and explore their identities. It creates a space where young womyn can educate themselves on the representations of womyn within society,  different female-led movements, the media, and various other topics as they pertain to the group. In addition to being encouraged to find their own voice, the young womyn are given the opportunity to become actively engaged through community organizing, service learning projects, and volunteering. 

The Womyn's Circle runs similar to our Youth Council programs and currently operates at two high school campuses in the Northeast San Fernando Valley. This program was formed when a couple young womyn voiced a need to express themselves in a safe space because of issues occurring on their school campus. When this was brought up to our staff and the leadership at the school we created the Womyn's Circle based on their needs and voice.