The following statements were created by our team. They are reviewed every year to make sure they are relevant and that all of our team members can live these out in our programs and daily responsibilities. 



Youth Driven - All youth deserve to be heard and understood, and give back to their family and community. We inspire youth to become active decision makers within our programs, our community and in society as a whole. Having the youth voice active in the decision making process helps promote ownership, commitment, action, and a sense of value and pride. We treat youth with dignity and respect to create to a healthy and productive environment.


Community Engagement and Collaboration - The collaboration between the home, the school district, non-profits, city agencies and the community helps build bridges and has a direct correlation to successful growth of the community. We believe a strong foundation of collaborating organizations helps foster youth who can then begin to make a visible impact in their community. We are committed to building a strong body of engaged community members and youth.


Youth Development - We develop strong youth leaders in our community. All people deserve fresh starts free of judgment and labels. Our programs are a safe zone regardless of age, race, gender and any other affiliations and labels persons have in the community. We believe every person has potential and we are committed to helping youth in our programs reach that potential and take steps towards their dreams. The development of the whole person is imperative to their success.


Education - A good education is an essential part of personal and community development. Education is a responsibility shared by the students, their family, the school and the community as a whole. All youth can achieve their maximum potential in a community that supports them and their unique abilities and interests. We strive to help youth value learning and to reach their educational and career goals. We believe that a strong and effective educational foundation is essential to the economic, cultural and academic growth of our community.