Club Futbolito


Futbolito is a fast paced version of soccer played with 5 man teams on a basketball sized court with smaller goalposts and a smaller, heavier soccer ball. Club Futbolito is a the only official club team sancioned by the US Futsal Federation in the San Fernando. As a traveling the team, the players get a chance to play teams across Los Angeles and compete at a higher level.

“It’s hard to live around here because there are a lot of gangs. I see them when I walk to school. But I stay away from those things. Futbolito keeps us out of trouble.” – David, 16 years old

Club Futbolito was modeled to challenge our youth to become disciplined and responsible. It aims to encourage youth to challenge themselves as individuals.  Our club is a positive and safe alternative for youth; A first step in drug, gang and other at-risk behavior prevention. Through consistent practice, academic tutoring session and youth development, Futbolito youth improve their physical health and develop skills to become leaders in their community.